Church of St. Kirill Belozersky | 1782-85

According to the chronicles a stone church over the grave of the founder of the monastery was first built in 1585-1587. Comparison of the inventories of the 16th-18th centuries and the materials received during the full-scale investigation of the Assumption cathedral gave an opportunity to reconstruct the appearance of that ancient edifice. It was a small single dome church without piers; its vaulted roof copied somehow the vault of the St. Vladimir’s church. It adjoined the eastern wall of the southern facade of the main cathedral. The inventory of 1733 mentioned a stone parvis with wooden roofing on the western side of the St. Kirill’s church. The last inventory underlined bad conditions of the monument, cracks in the walls and vaults. Therefore the monastery authorities planned to repair it in 1770-s. They had already demolished the old church and laid the foundation of a new one by 1782. They used cleaned bricks of the old structure and malt-house of the late 16th century to build this church. The new side-chapel was sanctified in 1785, exactly 200 years later after the construction of the first church. But the interior was built and decorated even after the consecration. For example, in 1786 they carried sand to cover the cast iron floor in the St. Kirill’ church; the document dating back to 1792 mentioned its iconostasis. In 1848 works were carried out to restore the painting (it is not known when it was created). In the late 19th century the walls of the church were “decorated with religious pictures and ornaments”.

At present the church is functional, services are performed there.

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